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Achieve Peace of Mind for Less with Affordable Home & Auto Insurance Policies

Would you shop at a grocery store that only offered one product? What about an insurance agency that only sells one type of insurance?

The Canton Insurance Agency offers a full array of coverages, including auto, home, business, health and life insurance, and annuities. Insurance offered in Canton, OH we’re your family-owned and operated hometown insurance agent dedicated to finding you the best policies that cover your needs, at a price well within your budget.

We’ve helped thousands of families, drivers, and business owners simplify their insurance portfolios, walking them through the process, answering any questions they may have. We take pride in getting to know our customers personally, and standing by their side when they need us.

Representing Some of the Nation's Leading Insurance Providers, Including:

• The Encova Insurance Group™ • Progressive Insurance Company™ • Hanover Insurance Company • Pekin Insurance Company Grange Insurance Company

Property damage claims continue to rise, due to the increasing frequency and severity of major storms. Disaster-related losses in Ohio alone have increased 187% over the past five years. Now is a good time to make sure you have the coverage you need.