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Business Insurance for Canton, OH Shops

Life is complicated, but finding an insurance company that provides all your needs shouldn’t have to be. From home and family to work and beyond, ensuring that you and the people you love are covered for every circumstance is essential. That’s why Canton Insurance Agency Inc. provides a one-stop insurance company in Canton, OH. Business insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and annuities are provided by our caring team and family-owned and operated services. Since 1933, we’ve helped families, drivers, and business owners find the right policies. We tailor our services to our customers’ particular needs and fight for their happiness and security, giving them peace of mind.

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Business Insurance

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the hardships and obstacles that business owners encounter while trying to grow and achieve success. We focus specifically on local businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and contractors, the hard-working folks who need outstanding insurance services the most. Our services include:

  • General Liability
  • Company Property Insurance
  • Business Auto and Company Vehicle
  • Specialty Coverage and Packages
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Health Insurance

Keep you, your family, and your employees healthy with our superior health insurance offerings. Hopefully, the people you love are doing well, but if a sudden accident or illness strikes, you want to ensure they receive the proper medical care and attention. Our team works directly with you and gets to know you as a person. We learn about ongoing medical issues and those you want to prepare for, so we can customize your policy to fit your needs. We do not provide Medicare, but our team can help explain it and guide you on the best Medicare options for you and your loved ones.

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Life Insurance

No one likes to need life insurance, but it will play a crucial part in your family’s security and financial status after you’re gone. Our whole and term life insurance policies are competitively priced. We tailor your policy to fulfill your changing needs throughout your life and give you confidence and optimism about your family’s future.


Protect your wealth and ensure you are set for life with annuities coverage. Customers purchase annuities to manage their money during retirement and keep it safe. Our team has fostered a strong bond with the communities we serve, and customers choose us for personalized plans and fair, honest contracts that are developed with their best interests as the top priority.

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